NatLA Global – Groups to Contact for Presentation Opportunities and Leads

NatLA (Natural Life Advantage) is an innovative direct sales company out of Dallas, Texas, with health and wellness products for the consumer. NatLA’s products include weight loss, balanced nutrition, energy, detoxification, immune and sexual performance supplements that contain all natural ingredients. They are sold through a network of independent advisers.

With so much focus on natural health products, this company offers solutions for which consumers are searching. You may be someone who takes supplements along with your food for optimum health. If you are, you probably have a lot of personal information that you would like to share with others. Of course, you receive training from NatLA about their particular products, but having an interest in natural health supplements makes this business not only lucrative but interesting as well.

One of the biggest challenges for distributors in direct marketing companies is finding enough people willing to host an event. Most people are not comfortable with having guests in their homes even though they’ll invite only family, co-workers and friends. They’ll come up with all kinds of excuses such as their home isn’t big enough or clean enough or decorated. Women are especially sensitive in this area.

If you approach groups of people in clubs and organizations, the burden of hosting a party isn’t placed on one person. You’ll be conducting a workshop as a guest speaker. You may even present your products as a fundraiser for the organization that will receive a percentage of the sales.

The following is a list of groups that you can approach for an opportunity to present your products and find leads who may be interested in starting a home based business.

-Church and religious groups
-Community clubs such as the Lions, Rotarians, fraternal lodges and women’s groups.
-Self-improvement groups such as Toastmasters
-Local business groups such as Chamber of Commerce
-Homeowner associations need good speakers and presentations
-Political groups such as Young Democrats and Young Republicans
-Health-related groups
-Sports clubs
-Travel clubs
-Senior citizens
-Insurance agents
-Real estate agents associations
-School and daycare organizations

There are three advantages to arranging a club or organizational group presentation:

1) Your products and business opportunity are presented to a larger audience. The more people who hear what you have to say about your products and business, the more opportunities you have for sales and leads.

2) You may find people who are willing to have a presentation in their homes in exchange for free products. Just as there are people who are unwilling to have guests for one reason or another, there are others who love entertaining and will be glad to host an event.

3) You’ll have a greater opportunity to teach others about taking supplements for good health.

The Secret to Powerful Presentation Skills? Stay Present

“Be present. I would encourage you with all my heart just to be present. Be present and open to the moment that is unfolding before you because, ultimately, your life is made up of moments. So don’t miss them by being lost in the past or anticipating the future.”
~ Actress Jessica Lange, speaking at the Sarah Lawrence College graduation ceremony.

Being lost in the past and anticipating the future is exactly what was making Suzanne so anxious.

I had helped her write her speech for the national sales meeting and she had been practicing with me for the past week. I knew she was ready. She had doubts.

“What are you worried about?” I asked.

She first answered with her concerns about the future. “My boss and all the other executives will be there, to say nothing of the 150 sales reps. What if I forget what I’m going to say?”

“What if” is a question I hear a lot. “What if I’m asked a question I can’t answer?” “What if I don’t persuade the audience?” What if I look foolish?” “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I’m nervous?”

I make my living helping people answer “what if?” questions. This is the job of all trainers, whether the training is for war or the workplace. People attend training classes to help them practice dealing with future “what if?” situations, hoping that the real world will at least approximate the training class.

Close behind Suzanne’s “what if?” questions were her “why didn’t I?” memories of what had happened in the past. She recalled the time she forgot what she was going to say and worried that this might happen again.

I also hear these questions a lot. Sometimes, as with Suzanne, I hear them before a talk has been delivered but more often afterwards. “Why didn’t I make better eye contact with the audience?” “Why didn’t I take more time to prepare?” “Why didn’t I speak louder?” “Why didn’t I think of an answer to that question?”

A better question to ask than “what if?” or “why didn’t I?” is “what’s so?” What’s so is that your hands are/were shaking. What’s so is that you forgot what you are/were going to say. What’s so is that your slides can’t/couldn’t be shown.

The answer to the question “what’s so?” is what is happening in the present moment. The quote from Jessica Lange suggests the value of this question.

Stay present. In reality, there is no past and there is no future. In reality, there is only the present. Delivering a powerful presentation requires staying present. As I told Suzanne, if you stay present, you’ll find a way to deal with whatever happens, with whatever is “what’s so?”

When you stay present, you’ll find that, when you don’t know the answer, you naturally say, “I’ll find out and get back to you.” When you can’t show your slides, you apologize and read from your notes, putting what you can on a flip chart or board. If your hands are shaking, you let them shake without telling yourself how embarrassed you are. If you lose your train of thought you say, “I forgot. Give me a moment to check my notes.”

When you stay present, “what if?” and “why didn’t I?” go away. Even the question “what’s so?” is replaced by “so what?” Whatever happens is no big deal.

Audiences don’t care if you’re “lost in the past or anticipating the future.” Their sole concern is whether you care about them and their needs.

Be passionate in the present and “what if?” or “why didn’t I?” won’t make a bit of difference.

Engagement Rings: How to Choose and Present One for Your Man

With modern times also comes modern ways of becoming engaged. Many women now prefer to propose to their boyfriends rather than be the one to get proposed to and many jewelers have now designed engagement rings to suit this kind of occasion. However, it is still best to approach your man with this kind of idea and whether he is comfortable with wearing an engagement ring before you go ahead with the proposal.

Men’s engagement rings do not have the same settings such as rings with prongs or other features that highlight the ring. They prefer rings that are understated that can be worn daily and casually. These are mostly designed with few embellishments and decorations unlike the typical women’s engagement ring. A good suggestion for women that will present a ring to their loved one is to have it engraved with a thoughtful message, or a date that means something to both of you as a couple.

There are also more elaborate engagement rings that have two-toned designs. Yellow and white gold are frequently used, but bronze is also a good use of color that can add distinction to the ring without using precious stones as decorations. There are also textured ones with lattice patterns with engravings of messages. Titanium is also a popular choice in men’s rings because of the different hues of the metal such as blue, purple and many others.

Most engagement rings for men also include diamond embellishments. However, there is no center stone that is accented by smaller stones like in women’s ring designs. A central diamond can also be used but it is subtly set in the middle of a wide band. If you prefer several diamonds in the ring, a channel set is arranged on one edge of a ring, which is mostly square in shape. This design is less prone to damage and is a more practical design for men’s rings.

You can also choose colored gemstones instead of diamonds, and birthstones are mostly preferred by many women. This is easily incorporated into an engagement band. Pearls are not typically used for men’s rings because it is not easy to set and can be easily damaged as compared to gemstones. The wedding ring design is quite similar to the engagement ring that is used mostly for men. In the future, you can have the engagement ring and the wedding band solded together into one ring that your man can wear in the future.

Engagement rings for men are also similarly priced to women. The diamond may not be as big or as expensive, the metal weight in a man’s ring is heavier which increases its value greatly. Two-tone rings as well as rings with patterns and intricate designs will also be more costly as well. Even if the ring designs are different, the symbol for it will still remain the same – it is to publicly announce the love that is both shared by the couple for the rest of their lives.